When can we stop wearing masks?

As the coronavirus continues to spread around the world, almost every country is suffering from this pandemic. All public spaces are closed and a majority of the county has imposed a lockdown to there population.

These are the most common question asked by millions of people around the world-

Q. When can we stop wearing masks?

Q. When we'll see daily life return to normal again?

Expert suggests: We may need to wear masks for at least one year - Since we can wear facemasks without disrupting much of daily life, experts predict that we have to wear them until a vaccine is developed.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other health experts said that masks can be a vital part of slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

Health experts suggest to wear a mask even after this pandemic is over and our daily life returns to normal.

Before this pandemic, when we were living our normal life, masks were not something we prefer in our daily use, wearing a mask means something is wrong and we wear them because of illness or any other health issues.

Masks were not common those days, but now the scene is different, masks are now a basic part of our life. Still, wearing masks mean something is wrong, but now they’re also just a fact of living.

It is very hard for anyone to say anything definitive about what the next year or month or week will look like, but by listening to all health expert's predictions, it is almost certain that the future will be masked.

So now, with the suggestion of health experts or due to some public consternation, we're wearing masks, and we'll be wearing masks in the future. As the public space opens up and we spend more time in public settings, it seems possible that we need to wear masks.

Also, there is a lot we still don't know about how well masks works against the coronavirus, but there is mounting evidence that even non-medical fabric masks can help to prevent the coronavirus from spreading, which is logical: It prevents the respiratory droplet to enter directly to our nose or mouth. So, if it helps at all, then obviously it’s worth it and we should use it.

In the United States, wearing a mask has become a topic of fierce debate. People opposed wearing a mask and one local health official in Orange County has quit her job after receiving a death threat for a mask order.

Not long after, The government of California has ordered face masks for Californians to wear in public places. Also, the government of Texas recently allowed some counties to impose mask mandates on businesses, despite an earlier order forbidding penalties on individuals for not wearing masks.

While several scientific studies and experiments support the idea that masks are a critical tool in curbing the spread of the coronavirus.

At last, the best answer to the question "When can we stop wearing masks?" is that we need a combination of face-masks, social-distancing, self-hygiene (like- washing our hands, not touching our face and eyes frequently), and avoiding poorly ventilated spaces.

This technique can achieve better numbers of reduction of transmission and also help you in preventing the coronavirus.